5 Excellent WordPress Themes For Technology Blogs In 2023

5 Excellent WordPress Themes For Technology Blogs In 2023


There are no indications that the tech industry will soon stop expanding. On the other hand, new technology developments appear virtually daily. Because of this, working in technology is a great way to make money. The majority of people go bonkers over new technological developments.

So, creating a website that specialises in a certain technological field is one of the finest methods to break into this lucrative market. Selecting the top WordPress themes for technology blogs is the first step. In order to help you quickly launch your blog, we’ve put up a list of the top 5 WordPress tech writing themes in this article.


What to Take a Look for in a Tech Blog WordPress Theme

Before picking a WordPress theme, you must think about a few things to ensure you make the right choice. Let’s take a look at what makes a theme suitable for tech blogs:

Adaptive Design

One of the most crucial qualities to look for in a WordPress theme is a flexible design. Your website will look fantastic on any PC, tablet, or phone thanks to a versatile theme. The majority of web users access websites on mobile phones, therefore if your website doesn’t function well across all platforms, you risk losing potential customers.

Social Sharing Options

You should seek for themes that allow people to share them on social media if you want more people to read your technology blog. The social sharing function improves the number of individuals who visit your website and ultimately make a purchase from you. We advise picking a WordPress theme with built-in social media integration for platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Several Page Styles

It may be more difficult for you to decide what to accomplish if the theme only has a one-page outline. Finding a WordPress theme for your tech blog that has multiple pages created for various user functions might be beneficial. You can select from a variety of features, including eCommerce, reviews, contact details, and more. These themes make it simple to navigate from one page to the next, providing a site a polished appearance and facilitating users’ navigation.


How crucial it is for a theme to have SEO built in cannot be understated. You do want the technology blog to rank well in search results and draw in additional readers, after all. Built-in SEO makes it simple for your website to rank, giving you an advantage over your rivals.



Top 5 Tech Blogs WordPress Theme

Let’s move on to the list of themes now that we’ve covered the key criteria to look for in a WordPress theme for your tech blog. Below is a list of the top 25 WordPress themes for technical websites. Each of the themes listed below will give your website the best characteristics, so don’t worry. Examining what they have to say,


Metro Magazine Pro

Metro Magazine Pro is a practical, straightforward theme that works best for websites featuring photos and writing. It is easy to use, has a user-friendly design, and makes use of modern technology to boost the performance of your website. This responsive, minimalist WordPress magazine theme is adaptable.

The theme’s aesthetic is ideal for enhancing the appearance of written content and visuals. Metro Magazine Pro may be set up in numerous ways and altered in numerous ways because it was designed to be incredibly adaptable. It offers you countless colour possibilities so you can customise the colour design of your website to your liking.

Additionally, the theme includes special tools like Rara Popular Posts, Prominent Posts, Social Link, and Rara Recent Posts. It also provides you with a section called “Author Bio,” where you can promote and discuss the author of the article. Metro Magazine Pro’s speed optimisation, SEO-friendliness, and myriad customization options can help you generate more leads.



Numinous Pro

A minimalist WordPress theme that resembles a magazine is called Numinous Pro. It is appropriate for websites with popular content, news, periodicals, and technology. It’s simple to alter how the theme appears by using the options on the customizer. The theme is created around the content, making it simpler for visitors to participate.

You may create a website that looks nice with its simple design and font options. To fit your brand, you can alter the colours and styles. Additionally, there are other styles you can employ to present your writing in a professional manner.

Promotional Feature Numinous features two advertisements. One is above the bottom, while the other is in the header. You can earn money and observe an improvement in your CPC and RPMs by using Numinous’ advertising tool. Because of the way Numinous is designed, it’s simple for your website to climb Google’s rankings and gain more visitors.



Blossom Magazine Pro

You have all the resources you need to launch a tech blog with Blossom Magazine Pro. If your website is flexible and prepared for SEO, you can outperform your rivals in a tech-savvy market. Blossom Magazine Pro enhances the useful feature of one-click import of demos.

This enables you to quickly load the necessary files and settings from the demo material. The Elementor tool allows you to create plans while working on a fictitious website. The theme is compatible with the Gutenberg Editor, which enables you to edit the page/post components on your tech website. There are 24 layouts for the home page and 10 layouts for the title in Blossom Magazine Pro.

More than 1000 Google typefaces are available, and you can choose whatever colour you like. You may make changes to your website and instantly see how they affect it using the live customizer. You can utilise AdSense-optimized ad spaces while building a tech website to monetize it.

You may also create an online store to sell your tech products thanks to the theme’s support for WooCommerce. Blossom Magazine Pro offers an adaptable design that is suitable for mobile platforms. This feature makes sure that the website works flawlessly on all types of devices and screens.

The theme makes advantage of the greatest SEO practises to aid in search engine optimisation. Because the theme is ready to be translated, you can create a tech website in several different languages. It functions with popular language utilities like WPML and Polylang. With RTL scripts, Blossom Magazine Pro is compatible.




For websites that publish digital newspapers, periodicals, and books, Newspaper is a WordPress theme that is ready for content. It can also be applied to blogs and e-commerce websites. Even those who have never built a website before can do so easily using this theme’s tagDiv Opt-in Builder.

You may utilise the drag-and-drop capabilities of this WooCommerce-compatible theme to create an online store that fully functions on your website. Additionally, it has 8 pre-built shop types that are adaptable enough to enable you to create a distinctive shop without beginning from scratch.

The theme is quick, and high speed ratings can minimise bounce rates and increase lead generation. Your site will rank higher on search engine results pages if you use SEO techniques and the Schema code that is included with it. You can choose from 120 sample sites, and you can import demo content, settings, and styles with only one click.

It integrates with a variety of third-party applications to enhance the functionality of your website, including WPML, Jetpack, bbPress, Contact Form 7, and many others. Additionally, it links to social media platforms and features a gorgeous Instagram feed area. You may reach a wider audience and increase website traffic with the help of these technologies.



Elegant Pink Pro

Modern and adaptable, the Elegant Pink Pro style theme may be utilised for any blog. It is simple to create a tech blog using this theme and advanced features without writing any code. With an easy-to-use grid system and a design that works on any device, your material will seem tidy and lovely.

The search engine ranking of your website will improve with the help of this Schema- and SEO-friendly theme. The theme is also made to load quickly and function correctly. By doing this, users are guaranteed to have fun and stay on the website for a while. The theme has various locations where you can highlight your merchandise.

The “Call to Action” section directs visitors to a particular page or website address. You may rapidly set up your tech blog site with the Elegant Pink Pro theme and take the lead in your industry. There are many various methods to change this theme. To suit your demands, you can alter the text’s style, colour, font, and other features.

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