10 Best Free WordPress Landing Page Themes 2023

10 Best Free WordPress Landing Page Themes 2023


Many free WordPress themes are available online, however not all of them are the same. Some are better made and simpler to use than others. All websites must have landing pages, so you need to make sure yours is up to date. So that you may choose from, we’ve compiled a list of the top free WordPress landing page themes. A business landing page can be created using these premium themes.



VW Landing Page

Due to the flexibility of this landing page theme, it will function perfectly on any gadget, whether a tablet, phone, laptop, or computer. It already includes SEO, which will raise its search ranking. It may be linked to social networks, making it simpler to interact with others, and it is adaptable to various platforms and languages.



Builders Landing Page

The Builders Landing Page child theme was created using the free WordPress theme Building Landing as the parent theme. With this theme, constructing a business website that functions on all devices doesn’t require you to write a single line of code. Creating a lead that converts to a website is one way to achieve this.

Other construction-related businesses, such as architects, interior design services, plumbers, builders and packers, gardeners, and other creative organisations, can have websites with a sales focus. This theme can be used to create websites for various businesses.

To create a fully functional website using this theme, you don’t need any experience or technical expertise. It contains options and features that are both challenging and simple to use. The stunning and alluring style of this theme will keep visitors interested in your website and increase their likelihood of completing a purchase from you.



Author Landing Page

You will be able to increase interest in your book and increase sales thanks to this theme’s main page’s excellent conversion rate. When you use this theme to create a landing page for your book launch that works well on mobile devices and looks professional, you won’t need to write a single line of code. You may promote your books on your website because this theme works well with the well-known WooCommerce plugin. You will be able to sell your books online as a result of this.



App Landing Page

The WordPress theme for the home page of the app was created by Rara Theme. It may help you showcase your most recent application in a fresh and engaging way with your assistance. This theme contains a lot of features that will please your clients, such as screenshots of the app and download links for the theme from the Apple Store and Google Store. The theme has been modified so that it will function better on mobile devices and is now ready to be translated into other languages.



Lawyer Landing Page

A stylish, expertly constructed, and well-designed WordPress theme is Lawyer Landing Page. It is designed for attorneys, law firms, and legal websites. The theme can be used by a variety of companies, organisations, and artists because it is adaptable and simple to utilise. The Lawyer Landing Page is made up of a variety of elements that all work together to produce an intuitive, engaging, and aesthetically pleasing website.

A customised menu, an arresting sign with a contact form, an About part, a Service section, a Reviews section, a Team section, and integration with social media networks are some of these features. The theme has been thoroughly tested, cleaned up, and enhanced to speed up page loading and overall performance. The idea behind it is also prepared for translation.



Construction Landing Page

If you own a construction company or other business, you may download the theme for free from WordPress.com. Your business was considered when developing the theme. Businesses involved in construction or reconstruction could gain a lot from using this theme. This covers everything associated with building and construction, such as interior design, architecture, plumbing, moving and packing, gardening, and other related businesses.

This free website template’s pull-out contact form is a terrific approach to collecting additional emails from individuals who want to get in touch. Both large and small businesses may design a landing page with this theme that efficiently produces and keeps leads. Due to its versatility, this theme is a great choice for this type of business.



Book Landing Page

You may create a landing page for your book using the WordPress theme for books. This is where you can find it. To increase potential users and boost book sales, the website has been updated. To use the theme, the customer needs to have no prior programming experience.



Marketing Agency

The marketing business theme is a premium item that was painstakingly created by experts to assist you in creating a credible website for your digital marketing company. This free theme features a minimalistic design that highlights your core content.

Any type of online marketing business, including cooperatives, advertising, digital markets, e-books, music, tutorials, videos, code snippets, resumes, corporate agencies, portfolios, startups, companies consulting online marketing, and web marketing, can use it to create showcase websites for SEO and advertising agencies or other types of online marketing businesses.

You may customize your website as you like because there are so many different ways to do it. The website has social networking options that you can utilize to promote your business while showcasing your marketing prowess. The layout is optimized for the retina, which makes the images appear clear when viewed on it.




The WordPress theme Batpa is adaptable and designed for big companies. If you need to design websites that are flawless down to the last pixel, pick this WordPress theme. It is quick, attractive, and simple to modify. It is the perfect solution for businesses, consulting firms, digital agencies, creative firms, construction firms, corporate marketing departments, financing departments, advertising departments, multipurpose websites, portfolio sites, sports websites, programmers websites, startup websites, cafes, restaurants, food menus, hotels, pizzas, reservations websites, online event conferences, zoom meetings, and news and magazine websites.



Digital Marketing Lite

The Digital Marketing Lite theme was created with professionals, advertising, IT, startup, company, business, and consulting areas of the digital market in mind. Some of these places are: It is now being sold on the global online market at prices that make it feasible for many people to purchase.

It’s an excellent option for both digital companies and individuals, and it has several excellent and unique features. Digital Marketing Lite is one of many great choices. Some of these are that the item can be used differently, has a simple beauty, and is small.

The ability to respond to user input, support for retina-resolution screens, translation assistance, support for portable devices, support for Bootstrap, customization options, and clean code are just a few of the additional features. Another advantage is the capability to respond to input from the user.

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