9 Best Lead-Generating Plugins For WordPress In 2023

8 Best Lead-Generating Plugins For WordPress In 2023


An effective website can help a company attract new clients and customers. Effective lead generating techniques can facilitate communication between customers and companies. WordPress has made it possible for a lot of tools to generate leads and support the success of a sales strategy. This article talks about “lead generation” and why it’s important for your company.


Fluent Forms

Key Characteristics:

  • A contact form can be created using drag and drop.
  • For message forms with many columns, layouts are available.
  • Some form regions make use of conditional reasoning.
  • online forms that flawlessly function on mobile devices.
  • Form security can be provided with Google Recaptcha.
  • The same templates can be used in many forms.
  • Validating and submitting Ajax inputs.
  • Slack, Mailchimp, and other services can be combined.


Icegram Engage

The greatest WordPress pop-up and marketing tool is Icegram Interact. If you want to generate more leads from your email list and maintain user engagement, this app is for you. This tool helps online entrepreneurs and authors generate leads and increase sales.

Without writing a line of code, you can create stunning pop ups, slide-ins, opt-ins, welcome bars and more. Messages can be tailored and sent to specified recipients based on intricate behavior-based automatic rules. Launch a campaign to reach all possible voters. You can create a programmer and use it with just a few clicks.


Key Characteristics:

  • A completely free to use tool
  • Tools and pre-made themes for lead generation
  • fits any WordPress theme flawlessly.
  • Strong security measures and coding
  • triggers and modifications that emphasise the client experience
  • Even for free users, there is cutting-edge support available.
  • It has an action bar, over 50 popup windows, and other features as well.



You may get a comprehensive solution from HubSpot that has everything you need to be successful in sales, marketing, and customer service. Even while each of its products is effective on their own, they perform at their best when used in concert.

Use the free HubSpot WordPress app to see this for yourself. You can forge a solid connection with your target market and support the expansion of your company with HubSpot’s assistance. The software contains integrated capabilities that make it possible to handle the entire lead management process.

Key Characteristics:

  • Lead Manager, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in one place
  • You can write and send emails using email marketing tactics.
  • People can communicate instantly with each other using live chat and robotics.
  • Utilize tools that are specific to you to find leads and data.
  • Get detailed information about your lead generation initiatives.
  • Including social media, design, and other tools
  • Incorporating meeting and event scheduling software



Building forms and creating popups is made easy with MailOption, a fantastic WordPress plugin. It promotes email sign-ups, generates more leads, and boosts revenue. Additionally, it includes many formats, distinctive messages, and calls to action that can be shown in various ways. The simple pop-up generator makes it simple to create stunning pop-ups and campaigns that swiftly generate new leads. It enables users to join up for email services and immediately sends blog posts to WordPress users.

Key Characteristics:

  • Design and alter lightbox popups
  • On the left and in the widgets are forms for an email list.
  • Display a customized message and a call-to-action button.
  • Form submissions are safer from automated software.
  • Display email sign-up options and tools.



HollerBox Popups for WordPress will substantially increase the sales and lead generation of your website. When compared to other apps, this product might be a fantastic choice for generating leads. You can utilise as many popups, leads, and views as you like using Hollerbox, a fully self-hosted solution. It’s excellent for small enterprises, internet retailers, and agencies who want efficient popups.

Key Characteristics:

  • Create and improve a lead generation popup builder that works well.
  • Create as many leads, views, or popups as you like.
  • Concentrate on specific individuals, articles, and pages.
  • Changes can be made to posts, styles, styling, and effects.
  • It is compatible with several of the most well-known CRM and email marketing platforms.
  • An interface that requires no coding and is simple to use
  • Track your pop-ups and conversion rates with statistics.



The same business that created CartFlow and the Astra WordPress theme also created the email signup and lead generation tool ConvertPro. A clever drag-and-drop form builder in ConvertPro makes it simple to create beautiful opt-in forms. Additionally, it contains pre-made templates, which saves even more time.

The code is all quick and won’t delay the loading of a page. With the aid of behavioural clues or intricate relationships, you may create straightforward opt-ins and dynamic, intelligent forms. ConvertPro supports exit intent, popups that open when a button is clicked, popups that require multiple steps, and more.

Key Characteristics:

  • producer of visual sign-up forms
  • templates that have been expertly created and are adaptable
  • Support popups with multiple steps, exit intent, behaviour prompts, and spectacular forms.
  • options for targeting that facilitate sending personalised messages
  • Fully flexible and geared towards speed
  • utilises the essential business tools
  • A/B testing programme that is integrated



Getsitecontrol is a strong WordPress plugin that offers you a variety of pop-up choices to boost the number of users who make purchases from your website. The greatest popups to generate leads can be created using email signup forms, polls, purchase forms, and advertising popups. With new options, including slide-ins, sliding notification bars, and exit-intent popups, you can reach the right audience at the right moment with your call to action.

Key Characteristics:

  • The template gallery makes it easy to create popups in a short amount of time.
  • The window appears fine on a mobile device.
  • To create precise popups, utilise the integrated CSS tools.
  • The creation of popups requires no technical expertise.
  • The target audience is segmented into groups using location, UTM, and a number of other variables.
  • Depending on what the customer is doing, display popups.
  • Create multi-page popups and run A/B tests on them.
  • You may link to Google Analytics, email marketing tools, and more.


Brave Builder

The best technique to increase the number of sales on your WordPress website is with Brave Builder. Different pop-ups, sign-up forms, sticky bars, and sidebars are simple to create. This means that the drag-and-drop tool makes it simpler to attract consumers and generate purchases.

You get access to nine crucial components of Brave Builder’s free version, which you may use to convert your website. It includes text, images, buttons, and many forms. Whether you want to increase email signups, gather leads with contact forms, or make announcements with modals and lightboxes, Brave Builder offers everything you need.

Key Characteristics:

  • The creation and customization of popups is made simple with a drag-and-drop tool.
  • WooCommerce may boost sales by using promotions, cross-selling, and related product popups.
  • You have a lot of freedom when creating contact, comment, and opt-in forms.
  • You may target people at the proper time and establish your goals with the right popup.
  • You can create pop-up windows using a variety of themes.
  • 20 or more newsletter-related tools or services
  • You can determine whether popups are useful by using data.



Your WordPress website will receive more leads if the right app is added. To help you generate more leads with less effort, we’ve put together a list of the top apps. The right app from our list will make a significant impact in how well your company sells.

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